Thanks to David Millstone for this list of the dances he taught.

Pitt’s Maggot
April 6-8, 2018
David Millstone, caller
Music by Alchemy: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell, Eric Martin
New Tunes, New Dances
Saturday afternoon
Long Live London
Pluck Me a Fig
Land of Mist and Wonder
Tango in Toronto
The Peridot Ring
Night Watch
Sharon of the Green
Stepping Stones
Mr. Hamilton’s Inauguration
Autumn in Amherst
Trip to Provence
Mary K
Saturday night
The Farmer’s Joy
Gene’s Tambourine
Rebecka Ridinghoode
Wa’ Is Me, Wha’ Mun I Do?
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Bonny Kate of Perth
Wakefield Hunt
Sapphire Sea
Jaque Latin
Upper Valley Waltz
We Meet Again
Red and All Red
Mendocino Redwood
Prince of Westborough
Kynaston & Kin
Sunday morning
Woodstock Park
Sam’s Maggot
Beautious Grove
Another Nancy’s Fancy
Song to the Moon
Measured Obsession
Sunday afternoon 
Come with Voices Singing
Michael and All Angels
Black Bess
Trip to Kilburn
Dusty Miller
Softly Good Tummas
Beach Spring
Key to the Cellar
Never Love Thee More
Wood Duck

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