We host dance weekends in the Spring and the Fall in odd years and Spring only in even years.  See our calendar for upcoming weekends.

Pitt’s Maggot Spring 2019 An English Dance weekend April 5-7, 2019, Pittsburgh PA, with GENE MURROW And GOLDCREST – Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts, and Dave Wiesler.  Registration is now open!

MORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION.  Email cdsspgh@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list.

Coming soon: Pitt’s Fall Maggot 2019.

Past Pitt’s Maggot Weekends

The Pitt’s Maggot name started in Spring 2014 with Allison Thompson and Gaye Fifer calling with the Flying Romanos.

April 2018           David Millstone               Bare Necessities

Oct. 2017            Joanna Reiner                 Bare Necessities

Spring 2017        Susan Kevra                     Maivish

Oct.   2016          Melissa Running                  Alchemy

Spring  2016       Bruce Hamilton                  Bare Necessities

Oct.  2015           Joseph Pimental              Goldcrest

Spring  2015       Gene Morrow                    Amarillis Augmented

Fall 2014             Brooke Friendly               Roguery

Spring 2014        Allison Thompson & Gaye Fifer           The Flying Romanos

Fall 2013             Sue Dupre                                       Joyful Noise

Spring 2013        Jaqueline Schwab           Bare Necessities

Fall 2012             Joseph Pimentel              Goldcrest

Spring 2012        Jacqueline Schwab         Bare Necessities

FALL 2011           Bruce Hamilton               Foxfire

Spring 2011        Joanna Reiner                  Amarillis + Two of Diamonds (Jane Austen Ball)

Fall 2010             NONE

Spring 2010        Jacqueline Schwab         Bare Necessities


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