An English Country Dance Weekend April 14-16, Pittsburgh

Melissa Running with

Dave Wiesler, Eric Martin and new addition Carrie Rose!

 Melissa Running discovered she could take folk dance for PE credit in college in the early ’90s and hasn’t looked back since. A few years later she started playing for dances and then calling English in the Philadelphia area. She now lives near DC, calls nationally, plays piano for English and Scottish country dancing, and plays the nyckelharpa for pleasure and for Swedish dancing.

Dave Wiesler Dave is one of the nation’s premier pianists for English, Scottish, and American country dance and various forms of couple dance and ballroom dance. His tunes continue to get picked up by choreographers of English dance. He has sixteen in Volume 3 of the Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, which came out last spring. Three more are in Gary Roodman’s new book, Vol. 13 of his celebrated Calculated Figures series. Joseph Pimentel is working on a third book, The Green Jay Collection, and he has written a good number of the tunes in it.

Eric Martin Equally at home on fiddle and viola, Eric Martin is a dance musician who brings joy and soulful expression to our dancing. Through the freedom and improvisation inherent in traditional music, Eric likes the opportunity to break away from his Classical background while playing for English country dances.

Carrie Rose, a flutist and composer in the Washington, DC area, freelances with regional orchestras, grooves for folk dances, unfurls a luscious array of chamber music, and wails out avant-garde chamber music.  At folk dances (English Country, Scottish Country, Contra, Waltz) Rose can be spotted as a dancer and as a musician who explores grace and boisterous energy.  On YouTube she posts flute and video concerts in nature with performances in streams, meadows, flower gardens and up in a tree, in the afternoon, at dawn, and in the moonlight.

The weekend includes a Friday night dance at 8-11pm, two Saturday workshops, 10:30-12:30, and 2-4 with pizza and salad between the workshops, a Saturday evening dance 8-11 and a Sunday farewell dance from 1-4.  The Saturday lunch is included for full registrants, and available for $10 a la carte.  The two Saturday workshops will be devoted to “Physics for Dancers: moments and momentum; strong and weak bonds; the use (and abuse) of time; and somewhat more loosely, listening with your body. With apologies to any actual physicists in the weekend.”  The Early Bird discounted registration ended 3/15.

For hospitality, email  For safety info, see below and check for updates.  For registration information and financial aid requests, email  All dances are at BMNECC, 449 W. 8th St., West Homestead PA 15120. 

Registration. Use the Paypal menu below or the print form atRegistration Form.

If you use the print form, pay by check made out to CDSSP (or Paypal) and send form and safety information (vax photo) to George Patterson Treasurer, 4625 5th Ave,  Apt 405,  PGH, PA,  15213 or If you pay by Paypal, send a photo of you vaccination cart to George Patterson along with a note that you paid via Paypal.





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