PITT’S MAGGOT 2020 An English Country Dance Weekend March 13-15, Pittsburgh PA. After talking with Daron Douglas and Joseph Pimentel this morning, it became clear that neither of them feel safe/comfortable flying to Pitt’s Maggot this weekend.  As much as we would love to have you come and dance with us, we are aware that the big draw was our talent.  Although we are disappointed, we think it is most responsible at this point to cancel the weekend.  We will be able to give you full refunds on your registrations.  Looking forward to dancing with you again in the future!

Joseph Pimentel calling with

GOLDCREST Paul Oorts, Daron Douglas and Dave Wiesler

Joseph Pimentel has called and organized dances in Ann Arbor, Columbus, Houston and Washington D.C.  He’s served on the Board of Directors of CDSS, and on the staff of the CDSS camps in Pinewoods, MA.  He’s composed many country dances, published in The Cardinal Collection and The Goldcrest Collection, and including such favorites as Mile of Smiles and The Farmer’s Joy.

Goldcrest:  Daron Douglas on fiddle; Paul Oorts on accordion, cittern, guitar,  and mandolin; and Dave Wiesler on piano and guitar.  Daron and Dave have composed many tunes incuding some in the Goldcrest Collection.


Friday Evening English Dance 8-11 p.m.

Saturday Musicians Workshop with Goldcrest: 10:30 a.m.-12, 1125 LaClair Street, Pittsburgh PA 15218. 

Saturday: Dance Workshop 2-5: “Figures and Phrases,” where we’ll look at fitting our dancing to the musical phrases in the most satisfying ways, including a couple of trickier dances we might do again that night.

 Dance Party 8-11. 


Open Waltzing 9:45-1030

Dance Workshop I 10:30-12:30  Dances from the upcoming Green Jay Collection!

Dance Workshop II 1:30-3:30 Joyful Dancing to speed you on your way.

All dancing is at Winchester Thurston School, 555 Morewood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA.  Saturday Musicians Workshop 10:30am-12,1125 LaClair Street, Pittsburgh PA 15218.  For info, housing or financial aid requests, email Marosiroun@gmail.com, and check CDSSP.org for updates. 


Online: https://dancerfly.com/cdssp/pitts-maggot-2020/



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