Pitt’s Fall Maggot 2019

An English Country Dance Weekend Sept 27-29 2019, Pittsburgh

Anna Rain AND Gaye Fifer calling

Owen Morrison, Anna Patton & Eric Martin

Callers: Anna Rain is a well-known caller in the DC area calling for both English and contra, and even techno contra!  She also composed “Pluck me a Fig” and is a morris and rapper dancer.  “One of the reasons I like English is the whole floor dances together, as a whole.”    Gaye Fifer is a nationally known caller of English and contra dances who now lives in Pittsburgh!  She is currently president of the Country Dance and Song Society.

Music: Anna Patton of Brattleboro VT plays clarinet with great verve, clarity and harmonic whimsy drawing on a rich musical background of jazz, classical, traditional and world music, and performs with Elixir and The Figments.  Eric Martin of Mass. on violin and viola plays at CDSS and other dance camps, and with many bands, including Bottom of the Bucket, The Flying Garbanzos, Coincidance, Common Thread, and Alchemy. Owen Morrison on guitar from DC plays traditional music with virtuosic flat-picking, driving rhythm and lyrical grace.  His bands include traditional dance bands Elixir, The Figments, The Morrison Brothers, Night Watch and House Red.

Registration: Register Online and pay by credit card or check, or print out this form.

Details: English Workshops and Dances: Saturday: Dance Workshop 2-5; Dance Party 8-11.  Sunday: Open Waltzing 9:45-1030; Dance Workshops 10:30-12:30 and 1:30-3:30 at the Bulgarian Macedonian National Educational and Cultural Center 458 W. 8th Ave, West Homestead PA 15120.  Friday Contra at 8-11 p.m. at the Wightman School, 5604 Solway St, Pittsburgh 15217.   Saturday Musicians Workshop 10:30am-12,1125 LaClair Street, Pittsburgh PA 15218.  For info, housing or financial aid requests, email morganjj@gmail.com, and check CDSSP.org for updates. 

Registration: Register online at https://dancerfly.com/cdssp/pitts-fall-maggot-2019/order/shop/
and pay by credit card or check or print out and mail in this form.


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