An English Country Dance Weekend April 5-7 2019, Pittsburgh PA

Gene Murrow AND Goldcrest

Gene Murrow Gene Murrow has been an English country dancer and musician since 1965 and has taught and called since 1988 at clubs, workshops, festivals and balls throughout the world. As a dance musician he performs on recorders and concertina, has made four CD recordings for dances of Fried Herman and Gary Roodman, and is the producer of the Boston Center English dance recordings featuring Bare Necessities.

Goldcrest Three seasoned musicians of national reputation and steeped in the folk dance traditions of Appalachia, New England, and the British Isles come together to form the band.  Goldcrest features fiddler Daron Douglas, pianist Dave Wiesler, and multi-instrumentalist Paul Oorts in a trio producing country dance music of exceptional quality and unsurpassed variety.  Their individual and group compositions are the music for many of our favorite dances.  See http://www.pauloorts.com/ensembles/goldcrest for samples.

English Workshops and Dances: Saturday: Dance Workshop 2-5; Dance Party 8-11.   Sunday: Open Waltzing 9:45-1030;  Dance Workshops 10:30-12:30 and 1:30-3:30

At our new venue Winchester Thurston School Gym, 555 Morewood Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15213.  The gym is in the rear; enter from Ellsworth Ave.

Extras: Friday Contra at 8-11 p.m. Location TBA  Gaye Fifer and Goldcrest $10 separate admission. Saturday Musicians Workshop with Goldcrest $10 10:30-12 a.m. 1125 LaClair Street, Pittsburgh PA 15218.

For info, and financial aid requests, email morganjj@gmail.com, and check CDSSP.org for updates.  To offer or request housing, email Chris Josephs at  chrisjosephs25@gmail.com

Register by 3/15 for Earlybird special rate of $90.  Use our online registration system and pay by credit card or check at

Or print out this attached Registration Form and mail it by 3/15 for the Earlybird rate.


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