Pitt’s Spring Maggot

March 31st-April 2nd, 2017

An English Country Dance Weekend

Susan Kevra and Maivish

Susan Kevra (website) is an internationally known caller of English and American dance from New England, now living in Nashville, TN.  She is noted for her warmth and clear teaching.  Dancers appreciate her diverse repertoire, from singing squares to advanced English.  She has choreographed a number of English dances, plays the clarinet, and teaches Social History through Dance at Vanderbilt where she is a professor of French and American Studies. See hyttp://susankevra.com for more about her dance, with videos and photos.

Maivish:  (website) Their performance is infused with lush harmonies, inspired interplay and captivating spirit.  The group is a collaboration between American fiddler Jaige Trudel and British born guitarist Adam Broome and includes Matthew Olwell on flutes, bodhrán, and foot percussion.  Hear wonderful samples of their music at httpSe://www.maivish.com/.


Musician’s workshop with Rachel Bell of Alchemy 10:30-12 (location TBA),

English Workshop 2-5 p.m. : Moving Pictures  ECD Dances are a sequence of figures, moving pictures that  combine to tell  a story. Susan will offer tips on how to move beyond simple execution  of figures in order to think about the bigger moving picture of the entire dance, how to visualize the bigger and how some of the tiny things can  contribute to your enjoyment of the dance and the overall beauty of it. We’ll also look at the stories behind the dances – what we know about historical dances that helps us understand and appreciate the choreography, and you’ll come away with background on how newer compositions came to be, in particular, the connection between the music and the dance, the composer of the tune and the choreographer.

English Country Dance Party 8-11.

Sunday: 10:30-12:30 Three’s a Charm.    This workshop will feature 3’s: dances in ¾ and 3/2 time. And 3 couple dances and triple minors.

1:30-3:30 Final Dance Party. We’ll finish the weekend together with old favorites and brand new ones bound to become old favorites.


Friday Contra dance at 8:00 pm with Susan calling to the music of Maivish ($10 separate admission).

Maivish House Concert Thursday 3/29.  email gayefifer@gmail.com for details.

All dance events are at Swisshelm Park Community Center, 1050 Windermere Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15218.

Send any questions to Maro Avakian, maroavak@gmail.com

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