Courtesy of our wonderful caller, Susan Kendra, we have this list of the dances done in the workshops and the Saturday Evening Dance:

Pitt’s Maggot April 1-2, 2017 Dance Leader: Susan Kevra with music by Maivish: Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, Matthew Olwell

Moving Pictures:  Sat April 1, 2017

Freeford Gardens

Trip to Tunbridge

Autumn in Amherst

A Moveable Feast

Candles in the Dark

Farmer’s Joy


Double Jubilee

Turquoise Porpoise

Saint Margaret’s Hill

Leather Lake House

Saturday Night Dance Party

The Ragg

Sally in our Alley

Key to the Cellar

Braes of Dornoch

Gentleman’s Delight

Trip to Provence

Jack’s Maggot

Minor Spaniard

Saint Margaret’s Hill

Love Always

Sapphire Sea


Three’s a Charm – Sunday morning April 2

Knives and Forks

Red and All Red

Turning by Threes

Young Widow

Sylvan Park

Dr Vincent’s Delight

Ashford Anniversary

Gigue for Genny

Bonny Cuckoo

Final Dance party – Pitt’s Maggot

Miles of Smiles

Bar a Bar

Hambleton’s Round O


Madeira Dreams


Trip to Town O

Shrewsbury Lasses

Old Wife behind the Fire

A Trip to Town-O

Never Love Thee More



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